My latest research article on crypto-cuurencies written with Konstantinos Gkillas: Is bitcoin the new digital gold?

Is bitcoin the new digital gold? To answer this question, we investigate the potential benefits of bitcoin during extremely volatile periods. We use multivariate extreme value theory, which is the appropriate statistical approach to model the tail dependence structure.

Considering first a position in equity markets, we find -similarly to previous studies- that the correlation of extreme returns increases during stock market crashes and decreases during stock market booms. Then, by combining each equity market with bitcoin, we find that the correlation of extreme returns sharply decreases during both market booms and crashes, indicating that bitcoin could provide the sought-after diversification benefits during turbulent times.

A similar result is obtained for gold, confirming its well-recognized status of a safe haven when a crisis happens. Furthermore, we find a low extreme correlation between bitcoin and gold, which implies that both assets can be used together in times of turbulence in financial markets to protect equity positions. Such evidence indicates that bitcoin can be considered as the new digital gold. However, gold itself can still play an important role in portfolio risk management.