jeudi, janvier 30 2014

On the shortness of life


Following the advice of my colleague, Jean-Marie Choffray, professor of marketing at ESSEC, I've just read a text by Seneca about the shortness of life.

I found it very interesting in terms of investment and would like to share it with you.

lundi, juillet 16 2012

Introducing ESSEC Knowledge

Just a few words to introduce ESSEC Knowledge. This is the new on-line portal launched by ESSEC Business School in France. As explained by Radu Vranceanu (Director of ESSEC research center), the idea is to share the expertise of ESSEC researchers with a great number of readers interested in the topic of management, and shed new light on current issues.

What can we fiund on this website? Exclusive articles, videos, presentations, case studies, an online library, and a full range of digital tools, etc.

As an ESSEC professor, I am fully committed to this project. Researchers should try to reach a broad audience because the goal of research is to improve society. Note that such an apporach was put in practice by great professors like Milton Friedman who published many books for the general public. Personnally, I'll share with ESSEC Knowledge many of the materials available on this website:

Listen to Sarah Brown in the presentation video to know more about this project. Sarah who is the manager of ESSEC Knowledge, is the person to contact.

Click here to view the video